New year, same me…sorta

new year same me

New Years Resolutions

As we enter 2019 I am thinking about new years resolutions. Especially how people like to set unattainable goals for themselves, find themselves failing a few weeks into the new year and then they give up altogether. I don’t normally use the new year as a starting point for change however I had a really hard year. So, I am using this time as an opportunity to lay out my goals more deliberately and provide myself with steps to achieve them.


One of my main new years resolutions is to get organized. I really want to organize myself better this year and I had some ideas floating around in my head for what I want my life to look like. I am using a few tools to help myself form good habits. First, I got myself a planner to write down my own household to-dos and blog stuff, I do love a good list. Second, I got a wall calendar for family stuff that everyone in the house needs to know. Third, I downloaded the HabitHub app to help me with the daily habits I want to continue long term. So far I really like it! It has a nice interface and you can set up 5 different habits you want to track. I’m tracking the days that I dont binge eat, exercise daily for at least 30 minutes, and get to sleep by 11 pm five nights a week.

Anxiety management

I joined Adriene Mishlers Dedicate 30 day yoga challenge. I want to improve my anxiety and also force myself to practice yoga more regularly. So far I love it! I’m only a few days in but I already feel calmer and I look forward to doing it every day. I have always liked doing yoga but I’ve had a hard time sticking with it. I really want to create a routine with yoga in my life. I feel like doing a challenge like this might help get me feeling like its natural to get on my yoga mat and just do it instead of just wishing one day it would click.

Other health goals

I have some other goals for the year that plan to start in the spring. I want to finish the C25K program which I took a break from when the weather got cold. I really enjoyed running outside and following my run with climbing stairs at the track. I loved using the time that Grace was at preschool to get outside and run a few days a week. I’d like to see myself alternating weekdays with running/stairs and yoga through the milder weather. When the weather isn’t as good I will do climbing on my stepper and an 8fit workout alternated with yoga. I have this set up in the Habithub app to help remind me every day.

I have had these ideas for change swirling around in my head for a few months. The thoughts always seemed really overwhelming so I just pushed it away and thought I was too disorganized for that kind of thing. I think I deserve more than to dismiss myself as incapable of organizing my life so THIS is what I’m going to do. I have set myself end of month reminders to check in on my resolution progress and I will update you all on every detail!

What about you?

Do you set new years resolutions? What will you be working towards this year? Let me know in the comments

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