Personal Weight Loss Update 87 lbs lost

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Personal Weight Loss Update: 87 Lbs Lost

It’s been slow going since Easter. I had lost and regained the same 5 lbs for 2 months now. The weekends have been killing me, with all the family activities we’ve been doing. A few days before Victoria Day weekend, I decided enough was enough, I wanted to stay on track and I needed a plan. I planned everything out and I successfully stayed on track all weekend, read on to see how I did it.

I worked both Saturday and Sunday mornings so our routine wasn’t typical. It was a long weekend so we wanted to squeeze in some fun with the kids. I ate little big bread toasted with laughing cow light wedges and cucumber slices for breakfast. I worked from 9:30 – 1:30 so I missed lunch but ate an early dinner before the circus, spinach and feta sausage with pasta that I had in the freezer from the previous weeks’ meal prep. We took the kids to the circus on Saturday afternoon, the kids had cotton candy and popcorn. I allowed myself to have a bite of each but that’s it. Since I had made sure to eat before we went, I noticed I was much less tempted to snack.

On Sunday, I ate a small breakfast before I went to work from 7 to 10:30 and then had a couple eggs with sweet potato when I got home at 11, I was starving already since I ate earlier than usual. I made a big chunky cucumber salad with avocado, red onion, tomato, and Olive Garden Italian dressing for lunch. My Mother In Law was over hanging out with the kids while we did yard work. It took longer than planned so we ordered pizza for dinner. After the kids went to bed I did our meal prep for the week. It was a pretty active day so I had some calories to spare so I didn’t have to worry about the pizza.

Monday, We took the kids to the Cloverdale Rodeo with my dad. I knew I was going to have a treat so I skipped breakfast. Sure enough, the 5 of us split a bucket of mini doughnuts – I had 5. We also had to sample some fantastic BBQ and shared a lemonade. We walked a lot and I kept my portions in control plus it was incredibly hot out that day so I drank LOTS of water. After the rodeo, we went back to my dads’ house for dinner which was very healthy, thankfully! He made us chicken/veggie skewers, Greek salad, and pita with hummus.

Finally A Loss!

In the end, I was very proud of my choices over that weekend. I didn’t see the same weight fluctuations I normally see following those tough weekends. The best part was when I stepped on the scale on Thursday morning I was at my lowest 174.6 lbs and again on Saturday, I was down to 172.8. I can’t believe how much I dropped last week!

I worked all weekend again but my dad took the girls overnight on Saturday so we wanted to do something fun. After work, Ryan and I went for a hike at Teapot Hill in the sweltering heat and went for an ice cream cone so I basically broke even on that! We had Thai food for dinner but I was careful to pick a curry that would be lower calorie and ate about half of it. Sunday was a typical work day, I just ate my usual avo-toast for breakfast, turkey bolognese and rotini for lunch and the same for dinner. This week I roasted 3 chickens for meal prep with roasted veggies and Ryan smoked some chicken thighs as well.

Weight Loss Goals

My goal for this week is to see another loss hopefully by Saturday again. It’s Grace and Annas birthday party on Saturday so I can’t let that throw me off track. I really want to see the 160’s by the end of June and reach my final goal of 150 by September, totally doable, I’ve got this!

personal weight loss update 87 lbs lost

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