10 Must-Have Meal Prepping Tools

10 Must Have Meal Prepping Tools Graphic

I have created a list of my favorite meal prepping tools for those of you who are just getting started with meal prep. Maybe you just want to upgrade your meal prep tool kit, this list is for you too! The meal prepping tools I have linked throughout this post are all items I own and use every week when I meal prep!

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1. Large Mixing Bowls

Everyone needs a great set of mixing bowls for meal prep whether you’re mixing up egg cups for breakfast meal prep or throwing together a big salad for the week.

2. Sturdy Measuring Cups

For accurate calorie counting, you need measuring cups and I love this set, they are lightweight and won’t break like a set of plastic ones will (trust me, I have been through multiple sets of plastic measuring cups by this point!).

3. Sturdy Measuring Spoons

Same deal with measuring spoons, they’re pretty important meal prepping tools so you definitely need a sturdy set of these!

4. Single Serving Containers

I strongly recommend a high-quality set of matching containers. I prefer these Rubbermaid ones. I’ve been using them for 3 years and washing them in the dishwasher and they have held up great. I most often use the 3 cup size.

5. Bulk Containers

Bulk containers are great for keeping your dry ingredients fresh. I like to buy large bulk bags of rice, pasta, oats, and dry beans to keep the cost down and store them in these large containers.

6. Instant Pot

Do you have one of these yet? They are wildly popular right now and I think that the Instant Pot totally lives up to the hype. I use mine almost every time I meal prep. It is great for soups, rice, hard-boiled eggs, steaming vegetables, super quick bone broth (!!!) and so many other things.

7. Large Stock Pot

When making large batches of soup, I like to use a large stockpot so that I can make a double batch and freeze half for coming weeks.

8. Deep Frying Pan with Lid

This pan is excellent for making a stirfry and browning ground meat. I like a deep pan so I can fit more into the pan and eliminating doing multiple batches for one dish.

9. Digital Kitchen Scale

I have been using this scale for years and I love it! It’s important to measure all your ingredients to get the most accurate calorie counts.

10. Meat Thermometer

When cooking meat you want to be sure not to overcook it, especially since you know you will be reheating it. Always use a meat thermometer to avoid cutting open meat to check for doneness during cooking.

These are my most important cant-live-without-them tools. What are yours? let me know in the comments below!

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