My Maui Vacation and Getting Back to Reality

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My Maui Vacation

Alright friends, I’m back! For those of you who don’t know, I was away in Maui for 2 freakin’ weeks with my family. It was amazing! Like, too good, it was really hard to come home. The kids were so good the whole time and no one (read: Grace!) was injured, thankfully. We really got to enjoy the beautiful island to the fullest and spend lots of time with our loved ones.girls in front of ocean

My Maui Vacation: The Wedding

The very best part though was that we were able to be there for my dad’s wedding. The wedding was so special and lovely, it really brought our family together. Kira and my dad did a great job putting together a low key, intimate barbeque wedding near the beach while still squeezing around 40 people into the lanai of our condo. It was amazing and the view for the occasion was spectacular.

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My Maui Vacation: Fun Stuff

For the rest of the vacation, we spent our days at the pool or a beach, wandering around Lahaina, and eating at some really cool restaurants. My cousin and I got new tattoos, Anna lost a tooth while we were there AND my brother proposed to his Fiancee! It was a very very exciting trip for our family! For normal day to day, we were up early every day around 6:30 am and ready to head to bed by 10 pm. It worked out well in that we wouldn’t waste our mornings in bed. I’d get up and have a coffee on the lanai and enjoy the view and then by 9 am we were on our way out for our day’s activities.

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My Maui Vacation: Halloween

We were there for Halloween and that was a really cool experience for the kids and for us adults! In Lahaina on Front St. there is a kid’s Halloween parade and trick or treating and then after dark Front St. turns into a giant Halloween party. We took the kids trick or treating around the complex but it was super-hot that day so they didn’t last very long before wanting to head back. When it got dark, we went down to Front St. and it was already packed with people. Everyone was dressed in amazing costumes and there were performers and music all along the street. We walked the full strip and back to see all the costumes and then found awesome music to dance to and hung out there for the rest of the night. It was a lot of fun and I’m so glad we went!

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My Maui Vacation: What about the weight maintenance?

Before we left for our vacation, I had decided not to worry too much about calories and just enjoy myself. Luckily because it was so hot most of the time I didn’t really feel like snacking and a lot of the time I just had a coffee for breakfast and some days when we cooked bigger breakfasts for everyone it was already a little later so I counted it as lunch. We ate out a lot for dinners and I did drink a lot so I knew that I would come home with a few extra pounds especially since I didn’t exercise at all while we were away! I came home with an extra 8lbs which actually surprised me, I thought it was going to be more!


a man and a woman smiling Getting back to reality

Now that I’m back home, I’m getting back into meal prepping again. Last week I made beef stew and lasagna soup which turned out delicious. This week I made stroganoff and also tried out a new recipe with salmon cakes and noodle stirfry. As for exercise, I’ve been a little slower to get back into it but this week I’m using my new stepper in my living room since its COLD here!
I highly recommend this stepper for winter workouts. I love that its compact since i dont have a lot of space to store workout equipment. it has resistance bands so you can work our arms at the same time and it has a little timer/step tracker on the base to help you keep track. Combining 30 minutes on the stepper with an 8fit App workout is a great little daily workout that takes no time at all! I did one last night while watching House of Cards on Netflix!

What was your favorite vacation you’ve ever been on? What made it so memorable?

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