Stairs Workout: My Favorite Exercise Routine

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My Favorite Workout

I’ve built a fun stairs workout for anyone who might be interested in something new to try! I was pretty inactive over the summer and I really dont have a great excuse! Busy with my kids and summer activities plus having some trouble with my anxiety creeping back up. I know that working out is always a struggle for me but I’m trying to teach myself to like it. When I try something new, I do enjoy it but I get bored easily. I still really hate going to the gym and when I decided to get back into it a few weeks ago I didn’t really feel like doing any of my living room workouts from youtube or the workout Apps I’ve been rotating through. So, I decided I would start utilizing the outdoor stadium just down the road from my house. I usually go there to do C25K on the track but I wanted something a little more varied than jogging and walking (surprise, bored of that too!).

Google to the rescue again!

I started my usual google research and found that lots of people do all kinds of workout variations on stairs! You can do this stairs workout at a stadium, on a staircase in your home or apartment building. The best part is you can tweak your stairs workout however you like. I’m trying to do a little of everything so I’ve added some different squat variations for lower body, military press and tricep dips for arms. You could swap in (or ADD) some abdominal work to your routine if you wanted like V sits, for example. If you dont have a track available to do the cardio portion then just do more stair climbs, add jumping jacks or toe taps on the bottom stair! If you dont know how to do any of these moves you can find tutorials on youtube or google.

Stairs Workout:

Warm up:

4x laps walking briskly on track.


4x Jog half a lap/ Walk half a lap on the track.*


10x tricep dips on bleacher bench (can use 3rd or 4th bottom step if there’s no bleachers)

walk or jog up stairs

10x deep squats

walk down stairs


10x military press on bleacher bench (3nd or 4rd bottom step if there’s no bleachers)

walk or jog up stairs

10x jump squats

walk down stairs


10x calf raises on bottom step

walk or jog up stairs

10x curtsey squats (5x on each side)

walk down stairs

4x Jog half a lap/ Walk half a lap on the track.*

Cool Down:

4x laps walking brisk pace on track.


*make the cardio portion of the stairs workout more challenging by jogging a whole lap and walking a half lap 4x or if you want it easier walk it and work your way up!


I hope you’ll give it a try and let me know how it went! Please be careful and listen to your body too. If you have had any injuries make sure you talk to your doctor before starting. I have a lot of fun doing this workout and swap moves out frequently.

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2 thoughts on “Stairs Workout: My Favorite Exercise Routine”

  • Really enjoyed this! I had to modify it because I was doing it in my living room, but I just set my timer and made sure I was moving somehow (briskly) the whole time between the bodyweight moves. Thanks for the motivation! Excercise is so good for my anxiety, which definitely does creep in.

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I love it because it’s so easy to modify! If you ever want to come with me to do it at the stadium I try to go every Monday or Tuesday evening and Wednesday and Friday morning. I feel you, my anxiety has been ridiculous over the summer and the main thing that’s changed is that I’ve been working out less, so hopefully getting back into a regular routine will help!

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