Weight Loss Before and During Photos – 80 lbs Lost

Sharing these weight loss photos is scary for me. It’s having to admit that I let myself get that far to begin with. The “before” photo is actually after a 20 lb loss from my highest ever weight. I was afraid to take a before photo at my highest weight and jinx my progress so I waited. I didn’t talk about my plan to lose weight with anyone except for Ryan either, I was afraid of what people would think if I failed. So, I waited about 4 months until I took the first photos, the ones you can see at the bottom of this post, on the left. In my previous post I mostly spoke about what lead up to this adventure, which you can read here, this time you’ll get more of the details of the last year and a half.

In September 2015, I searched for low-calorie meal ideas on Pinterest, and discovered all these posts for organizing your weight loss. I realized that it could work well for our busy family’s lifestyle. I’ll admit, It seemed daunting to cook such large volumes of food and somehow get the calories right and portion it all out in a reasonable amount of time. I started out small by cooking double batches of 2 regular recipes that we knew we liked. I portioned them out for Ryan and I to eat at lunches and dinners all week. Soon after, we stopped eating out as much and I increased my exercise a little bit and I lost 17 lbs before Christmas.

On January 1st 2016, a few friends and I started a tiny weight loss Facebook group for the three of us. We did some weight loss challenges and kept each other motivated to meet our health and fitness goals. Using the group prompted me to try using My Fitness Pal again to track my calories and also to record my recipes which in the end proved to be a majorly useful tool for my success going forward. I also found, that having the group available to me where I could just drop a quick post if I was struggling or share a big win was so helpful. We did that for a few months and I continued to meal prep and still only did a little bit of exercise. We maintained the group for a few months by the end i was down a total of 35 lbs.

By summer time 2016 I had gotten into a great rhythm. Ryan and I started hiking a bit and I was still meal prepping all kinds of recipes. We had a lot of family trips so there was more maintenance than actual weight loss, I had learned that my body does NOT like junk food. However, I knew going into each trip that I was going to be up when I got home. It helped to know it was coming, and that life happens. Even through all that I managed to maintain a downward trend on my weight loss graph and by August 31st I had hit 199.4 lbs! Holy moly, 60 lbs! That was the big one, its all I ever wanted, to see the other side of 200 lbs!

weight loss chart graph Libra app

Steadily I continued with my weight-loss through to November. If you look at the chart above, you can see that giant spike near the end… Yeah, that’s Christmas! YIKES! The great part, though, is that it didn’t derail me. I got right back to it and have continued to lose at a consistent rate. Now I’m at 177.5 lbs and my new goal is to get to 150 lbs. Alright, now that, that is out of the way here are the photos!

The Weight loss Photos:

before and after weight loss comparison photos

before and after weight loss comparison photos side view

I want to know, are you on a weight loss journey? Or, are you just beginning? What was/ has been your biggest challenge?

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